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We are a community of activists ready to connect with progressive candidates and causes.

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Why blue action?

Blue Action was our top performing acquisition source with an ROI of 1,424%. I will absolutely use them on future campaigns, and would recommend them to anyone.

– Dave Chase, Campaign Manager, Tim Ryan for Ohio

Over 4 million records

of matched donors.

Refreshed all the time.

Over $20 million raised

for our clients

since 2020.

Unbeatable ROIs.

Many see 100% ROI

in 30 days or less.

What Is blue action?

Our proprietary matched list of over 4 million donors and action takers can help propel you to the next level of digital fundraising and online engagement.

We provide fixed cost acquisition solutions including emails, cell phones, and targeted ads, to help you find the best supporters. We know not all lists are created equal and you deserve more than a one-size fits all approach, that’s why our team can provide lists specifically modeled and optimized to the specs of your target audience.

Who We Are

Josh Sulier / CEO

Josh is a political fundraiser who has managed operations that have raised over $100 million dollars at all levels of government. With over a decade of experience working with state parties and national committees, congressional, senate, and gubernatorial campaigns, Josh has honed the ability to reach donors large and small in all areas of the country. Whether you are building a fundraising network from scratch or need to optimize an existing list, Josh can help your organization reach its full fundraising potential.

Josh and his wife Allison live on Capitol Hill in DC with their son Zachary and dog Luna.

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